House Republican fundraising chief, Rep. Vern Buchanan, is under multiple ethics investigations for what has been termed an "extensive and ongoing scheme" to reimburse his employees for contributing to Buchanan's congressional campaign.

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The FBI is potentially investigating Rep. Michael Grimm for extorting as much as $500,000 worth of campaign contributions from a rabbi and his followers.

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MARCH, 2012

Rep. Mary Bono Mack and her husband are being investigated for potentially cheating on their taxes.

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APRIL, 2012

In March 2012, a Florida Republican seeking to unseat Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns claimed that the FBI was investigating Stearns for allegedly attempting to bribe him out of the primary.

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MAY, 2012

Rep. David Rivera remains under IRS and FBI investigation for potential campaign finance violations and tax evasion. Recently, a state criminal investigation found that Rivera likely violated the law, but was spared prosecution because of legal ambiguities and excessively stringent statute of limitation requirements.

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JUNE, 2012

The New Republic recently revealed that the FBI is investigating Rep. Jim Renacci’s fundraising operations. The FBI investigation concerns $110,250 in questionable political donations the Ohio Republican received from employees of Suarez Corporation Industries and their spouses.

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JULY, 2012

Rep. Vern Buchanan's legal and ethics troubles grow as allegations and investigations into his potential misconduct intensify. The FBI, the IRS, the House Ethics Committee and a federal Grand Jury continue to investigate Rep. Buchanan for his alleged roles in a scheme to funnel corporate money into his campaign coffers, tax avoidance, and witness tampering.

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AUGUST, 2012

From improperly using government-contracted laborers for her political campaign to helping her political cronies get cushy jobs and government contracts, Maggie Brooks claims to know nothing. But New York voters should be asking Maggie Brooks how, as County Executive, she didn't know about or couldn't control her own administration.

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Many might know Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian for claiming his African American opponent was pretending to be black, or his strategy to appeal to the African American community by highlighting his ties to local basketball programs, but Tarkanian's career has also been punctuated by fiscal irresponsibility and putting his political interests ahead of his obligations.

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